A customer wanted to have an interface to provide custom stats to his Virtufit water resistance row 1000. Because the provide monitor of the Virtufit is very slow and you only can use the Kinomap app so we helped him out ! We create a hardware device that can retrieve the strokes per minute, velocity-, power- and force-per stroke.

We had a little bit luck because the Virtufit water resistance row 1000 has two magnetic hall-sensors to know the direction and velocity when you are exercising. The cable spool has two magnets on it and activate the hall-sensor on each stroke.

Reading the information

We have created a hardware device easy to use for the customer, we made it out of an ESP2866 with an OLED screen and a 3.7V batterij pack. We made the hardware device easy to connect to the Virtufit so that the customer doesn’t need to do any adjustments to his Virtufit. Also we made it possible he also still can use his monitor in the way it was designed.  We read out the information from the magnetic hall-sensors and send it over the internet to our servers. when the information is passed to our servers we process it and it can be shown in a dashboard we specially designed for the customer.

The hardware devices is fully assembled at our company and we 3D printed/designed everything our self to create a nice fitting product for the Virtufit row 1000.

We made sure the battery last as 721 rowing sessions before the battery should be recharged.